Hanging on the Telephone

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Blondie references aside, what do we mean when we say "leave us a voice mail report?"

We've set up a Google Voice number for you to leave a message and let us know how you are doing during these days of social distancing. Some prompts that you might find helpful include:

1. What was your day like? What did you do?

2. Have you found time to do things that you normally wouldn't? Describe.

3. Are you connecting with friends, colleagues, and/or family? How is that going?

4. If you are a student, how is school going?

5. What is "work" like for you now?

Please tell us where you are from too :-). Sharing your name is completely up to you.

Oh yeah, the number is 614 653 6398.

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